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Your 5 Part Dog Training Video Series (100% Free)

Revealed: The First Steps To The Perfect Pet

Expert tips and guidance on puppy training, managing aggression to other dogs and to people, and learning how to master leadership.

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A five part video series with top dog training tips delivered by professional dog trainer 'Doggy Dan'. Access to the videos will be delivered to the email address you enter into the form. You can stream the videos directly to your computer or download to keep.

Bonus Video

I will also include a bonus video where Doggy Dan explains his dog training philosophy. Get this bit wrong and nothing else will work. Your dog will simply run rings around you. Get it right and all other training just falls into place.

Your Free Videos

video 1 - Cure Leash Pulling
video 2 - Puppy Training
video 3 - Aggression To Other Dogs
video 4 - Aggression To People
video 5 - Mastering Leadership
video bonus - Doggy Dan Philosophy

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50 spots only, 37/50 spots gone!