(2 Pack) Dog Rocks Prevent Grass Burn Marks, 4 Month Supply


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100% refund assurance. Proven, natural, and convenient, with no medication, no modification to pH balance of animals’ urine, and say goodbye to burn patches! Pet dog Rocks are a 100% natural solution to the burn patches on your grass, hedges, and shrubs from your pet dog taking a pee. By simply putting the contents of a pack of Pet Rocks into your family pet’s water bowl and filling it without any more than two liters of water, your yards will begin to look greener and fresher. Canine Rocks are made from a naturally taking place paramagnetic igneous rock. They work like a sponge, absorbing excess nitrates and other micronutrient from your pet’s water. This will give your pet dog a cleaner, much healthier source of water supply. Less nitrates in, less nitrates out the other end (it is primarily an overdose of nitrates that eliminates the grass). Pet Rocks are not uniform in size and vary from pack to pack as they are entirely natural and straight from the mines. There are usually 2 or 3 rocks per pack. The weight of each pack is the exact same and therefore the performance constant. One pack of Pet dog Rocks will last you 2 months; all the rocks from one pack need to be included to one water bowl. It is very important to make sure that your animal beverages exclusively from this source of water, as any other water that they consume will not have actually been filtered by Canine Rocks and will therefore decrease the benefit of Dog Rocks.


  • Distinct and proven with over a million Canine Rocks offered worldwide because early 2000s
  • 100-percent natural
  • Inconvenience totally free; simple to use and safe for all family pets
  • Does not affect the pH balance of your canine’s urine
(2 Pack) Dog Rocks Prevent Grass Burn Marks, 4 Month Supply

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