callm Breathable Mesh Foldable Pet Stairs Detachable Pet Bed Stairs Dog Ramp 2 Steps Ladder for Cats/Dogs Portable Removable Washable Tread


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& #x 1F498; Description

& #x 1F498; For family pets who are hurt, older or having trouble accessing their preferred places to unwind or play, it can be sad to see them struggle. You can offer them peace of mind with Paws & Pals Animal Stairs. Available in 2-Step kind, the Family pet Stairs are sturdy and comfy for family pets to walk or get on. They can also choose to rest on the leading action if they wish. The soft material keeps them warm. Perfect for smaller sized dogs or older pet dogs and cats experiencing arthritis, painful joints, overweight bodies or hip dysplasia. Give your pet back their independence and allow them to easily access couches, ledges & difficult to reach areas that they struggle to climb.
& #x 1F498; PADDED PET STAIRS: Give your pet independence to access couches, ledges & difficult to reach spaces
& #x 1F498; PERFECT FOR OLDER AILING ANIMALS: Ideal for older animals suffering from arthritis, pain, hip dysplasia
& #x 1F498; SUITABLE FOR LARGE & SMALL PETS: Animal steps are best for little & large canines alike. Hold up to 200 pounds
& #x 1F498; MAKER WASHABLE COVER: Soft cover is washable and gentle on your family pet
& #x 1F498; Streamlined design is perfect for storage and uses up little area in your house.
& #x 1F498; Durable construct. Our animal stairs are perfect for pet dogs and cats of all sizes. Built to last our stairs can hold up to 200 pounds yet are light-weight and simple to move.
& #x 1F498; No tools required for assembly
& #x 1F498; Product: Mesh
& #x 1F498; Big:
& #x 1F498; Flat Size: 67 x39 x 10cm/ 26.3″x15.3″ x 3.9″
& #x 1F498; Fold size: 47 x 39 x20cm/ 18.5″ x 15.3″ x7.9
& #x 1F498; Small:
& #x 1F498; Flat Size: 50 x30 x 10cm/ 19.7″x11.81″ x 3.9″
& #x 1F498; Fold size: 35 x 30 x20cm/ 13.8″ x 11.81″ x7.9

& #x 1F498; Plan consist of:

& #x 1F498; 1PC Pet stairs


  • & #x 1F498; Bundle includes:1 PC Pet stairs
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callm Breathable Mesh Foldable Pet Stairs Detachable Pet Bed Stairs Dog Ramp 2 Steps Ladder for Cats/Dogs Portable Removable Washable Tread

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