Dog Bone Puppy Training DVD Dog Training with Jeremy Moore (House Breaking, obedience)


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In this Puppy Focused Dog Training DVD, professional trainer Jeremy Moore walks you through what happens first when you bring your pup into the house. First things first means just that. Your training starts the day you bring your dog home and knowing what to be prepared for is one key to finding success. The essential things that you will want to and need to focus on in order to prepare your pup for building a solid foundation, from house breaking to crate training, sometimes knowing what habits to avoid can be just as important and instilling the desirable ones. By developing a solid plan and then executing with consistency and repetition, Jeremy will show you why he thinks this should be considered “raising dogs” rather than “training dogs”.

Puppy Training – What can I expect?

  • Start on Day 1 – bringing your puppy home or just starting from square 1 with an older dog.
  • Learn how to handle the first weeks/months to get started on the right path to success. 
  • Learn simple, quick drills to start forming habits early on that will be used later in more formal training. 
  • We focus on helping you avoid the wrong habits as much as forming the right ones. 
  • Shows you how to incorporate training into everyday life.
  • Learn to schedule your training around your busy schedule.


  • EASY TO FOLLOW PUPPY TRAINING: This Dog Bone Puppy Training DVD will help you build a solid foundation from the day you bring your pup into the house. Find out how to be prepared with Jeremy’s proven teaching methods which can be applied with any dog.
  • AVOID COMMON PUPPY MISTAKES: Puppy Training – First Things First DVD is a proven hands on approach to train young dogs that will give you real examples with real dogs. Jeremy’s dog bone training DVD is effective and consistant. You will be able to start training from Day 1.
  • FOUNDATIONAL SKILL TRAINING FOR ANY PUPPY: Understand the importance of early interaction and habit building around the home as you learn hunting puppy training skills.
  • LEARN TO TRAIN LIKE AN EXPERT: You will develop new habits as a handler as well as new habits in your dog. Learning these essential communication methods will help you train like a Pro.
  • SAVE MONEY ON COSTLY OBEDIANCE SCHOOL: This dog training DVD will show you everything you need to start training in the home and then in the field.
Dog Bone Puppy Training DVD Dog Training with Jeremy Moore (House Breaking, obedience)

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