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The Embark Pet DNA Test tells you more than you ever believed possible about your pet. The test tracks about 200,000 hereditary markers, using breed identification in addition to crucial insights into hereditary illness risk and heritable traits. Till recently, a conscientious pet owner who would like to know if their pet was at risk for genetic diseases needed to investigate their pet’s breed (if they knew it) and run numerous tests through multiple laboratories for lots of hundreds of dollars. Now, Embark tests for 160+ hereditary conditions all on a single platform, making it possible for canine owners to much better understand their dog’s health, prepare for their future, and offer the most personalized care possible. Embark supplies you with a detailed take a look at your dog’s hereditary makeup. You can then use the information to make the finest choices about your puppy’s health, diet, exercise, and total health. You’ll comprehend your pet better, maybe open your pooch’s covert talents, and have some excellent enjoyable at the same time! Unlike products presently on the marketplace, Embark goes beyond type identification and describes why a pet looks, sheds, and plays the method it does. As the business reveals brand-new genetic disease markers, Embark will retroactively update your results where possible, giving you life-long insight and discovery. Pet dogs are more likely to be impacted with a genetic disease than their human buddies. Embark takes a look at mutations that happen in each breed in your pet to figure out if he or she is at threat of developing a hereditary disease. This info is provided to owners as a Vet Report, designed specifically for owners to bring to their veterinarians to help guide healthcare decisions. Understanding a pet dog’s genetic predisposition for a disease can assist owners take precautionary measures and understand early caution indications to watch for. This method you can avoid pricey veterinary expenses, like $1000 for an emergency overnight remain at a veterinary medical facility.


  • MOST ACCURATE: We evaluate 100x more of your canine’s genes than other dog DNA tests.BREED RECOGNITION+ORIGINS: Detection back to great-grandparents. HEALTH: Understand danger for over 160 genetic diseases-including MDR1 sensitivity, degenerative myelopathy(DM), dilated cardiomyopathy(DCM), PRA blindness, and exercise-induced collapse(EIC). ADVANCED+COMPREHENSIVE: Offer your dog the finest care possible with targeted recommendations!PROVEN +RELIED ON: Developed by professionals, partnered with Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, accredited by Orthopedic Structure for Animals (OFA), trusted by professional canine breeders & veterinary health centers. Embark | Dog DNA Test | Breed Identification | 160 Health Results | 200K Genetic Markers


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