MDBT Dog Bed Ramps for Small Dogs, Wood Pet Ramp for High Beds, 59 in. Long Adjustable 37 in. Tall Supports Cats and Dogs Up to 30 lbs


A Bed Ramp for Lap Dogs

The finest bed ramp for little canines, enabling your puppy to get on and off the bed, quickly and securely. All of us fret about our pet dog leaping off the bed and harming themselves, specifically if you own a dachshund or a type susceptible to back issues. Sadly, 1 in 4 dachshunds will have intervertebral disc illness in their life time, so preventing injury is key.

But even if injury is not your concern, MDBT Ramps lets your pet conveniently get on and off the bed without any hassle, indicating you get to take pleasure in more cuddle time! The ramp holds up to 30lbs pets however is perfect for pups under 25lbs.

Adjustable in Height, Orientation, and with Reversible Railings

The MDBT Ramps changes from around 37″ high to 3″, and can be completely folded to be easily stowed away or hidden under a bed. Plus, the railings of the ramp are reversible and can be positioned on EITHER side of the ramp, enabling you to orient the ramp whichever way works best and constantly have the railings on the outdoors edge.

Totally Collapsible, Retractable, and Stowable

The MDBT Ramps can be folded down totally, railings and safety rope got rid of, so it can quickly be stowed under a bed, upright in a closet, or taken with you in the car for your weekend at the cabin. The ramp itself weighs less than 15 pounds so can be easily moved or carried.

Is it Durable? YES!

The MDBT Ramps includes an easy yet innovative method of anchoring the ramp for ultimate toughness. A security rope with a wood block is positioned under the bed mattress, with the block on the opposite side of the bed as the ramp.


  • Adjustable in height – accommodating bed heights all the method up to 37″ or a bit more.Foldable/ collapsible-all the way to only 3 “, so it can be easily stowed under a bed or upright in a closet when not in use, or even taken along on a roadway journey or to a hotel.Lightweight but sturdy-The ramp itself weights no greater than 15lbs, so it can be quickly moved and shipped. It also features a basic yet very reliable security rope to assist anchor the ramp to the bed for sturdiness.Reversible railings-Railings come unattached, so you can place on them on either side of the ramp, offering you the versatility to orient the ramp as you like.For little pet dogs(and felines)under 30lbs- Although created initially for a dachshund, the ramp is perfect for animals under 25lbs, consisting of mini dachshunds, yorkies, chihuahuas, and even felines!

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