Paaws Dog Vitamins: Senior Dogs 7 Years & Older Large Dog 60+ lbs 30 day supply


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PAAWS: No item on the market today contains such a total variety of essential nutrients necessary to optimize the health, health, mobility and durability of adult and senior animals. PAAWS provides all the nutrients needed for optimum health and joint support all in one easy to offer chewable supplement. Compare to the components in PAAWS to other leading animal products including: Glyco-Flex and Pet-Tabs. PAAWS is an advanced vitamin system for your dog. Established by holistic vet and author, Dr. Carol, DVM., and recommended by a top team of animal health experts for pets of all ages. PAAWS combines natural active ingredients with the benefits of important Vitamins and Minerals. PAAWS are delicious turbo-charged nutritional treats that are NOT available in shops. In truth, you would need to separately buy approximately 12 different over-the-counter supplements to match the ingredients discovered in PAAWS deals with – with no guarantee your canine would even enjoy the taste! PAAWS AM/PM FORMULA: Throughout the day, your animal’s body goes through various stresses. To secure your family pet, the PAAWS AM SOLUTION provides your family pet with natural vitamins and nutrients each early morning that energize his body and prepare him for the day ahead. Taken prior to bedtime, the PAAWS PM FORMULA produces a soothing effect. It not only prepares your pet for sleep, however also re-energizes his body’s cells. Your animal will get up feeling revitalized, all set to start the next new day. PAAWS Has Actually Been Designed For Your Pet dog! Nutritional and supplemental requirements can differ based upon not just the time of day, but also by the size and age of your animal. Dossage: Dogs approximately 34lbs provide 1 AM and 1 PM tablet daily. Pets 35-60 pounds give 2 AM and 2 PM tablets daily. Pets over 60 pounds provide 3 AM and 3 PM tablets daily. You will receive 1 bottle 90ct AM and 1 bottle 90ct pm for an overall of 2 bottles.


  • Organic Taste, As Seen On TELEVISION! Suggested by Veterinarians
  • Restores Energy, Playfulness, Boosts Immunity, Enhanses Digestion
  • Naturally Alleviates Arthritis Pain & Restores Pain Free Movement
  • Combats Aging, Arthritis, Allergies, Skin Care
  • Boosts Canines Healthy Life Expectancy as much as 30%
Paaws Dog Vitamins: Senior Dogs 7 Years & Older Large Dog 60+ lbs 30 day supply

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