Wooden Pet Ramp for Bed – Indoor Dog Ramp Made of Oak Wood Furniture


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Easy Gain Access To Bed Ramps for Felines and Pets. Now your four-legged buddies can join you wherever you are, even if they’re on the smaller sized side or getting on in the years. Those high jumps are no big offer for your animals when you offer safe and comfy access to raised surface areas, like your bed or sofa. That’s particularly excellent for young puppies, due to the fact that younger animals are more susceptible to bone injuries, particularly in the spinal column and legs, resulting from falls. An easy gain access to ramp lowers their risk. Handcrafted from strong oak, and lined with neutral-toned stain-resistant carpet to offer safe, trustworthy footing for your pets and a stylish complement your design, these bed ramps are offered in 3 various slopes to accommodate your family pets, whatever their size or age: The Climber or 26 degree Slope – with its 26 degree slope, this ramp is ideal for young dogs and smaller sized breeds who do not suffer from significant physical problems. Now they can raise themselves to your level, anytime … even you’re Chihuahua! You can choose the width that’s finest for your pet – either 12″ or 16″. All three styles of easy-access bed ramps provide a level platform on top to make stepping on and off the ramp simple for your pet dog or feline. Like all our handmade Amish wood items, your easy gain access to bed ramp is offered in a wide range of stain colors – examine out your alternatives above. You can likewise select to receive your new animal furnishings incomplete. Perfect for smaller & younger family pets or those with physical difficulties This listing is for a 26 degree inclines to match your family pet’s mobility. Contact me for longer ramp or larger demand. Either 12″ width with square, level standing platform on top (contact me for cost on 16″) Comprehensive product specifications 12″ Climber 24″H 12″W 64″ L


  • Made from genuine oak wood
  • Carpeted flooring
  • Appropriate for small and young family pets
  • Offered in various sizes and slopes
  • Offered in wide variety of stain colors
Wooden Pet Ramp for Bed - Indoor Dog Ramp Made of Oak Wood Furniture

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