World’s Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula


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The litter that works– naturally. Clumping litter made from natural, entire kernel corn traps and absorbs urine and ammonia for remarkable odor control.You will enjoy it.Truly flushable and septic-safe. Biodegradable.Superior clumping.Easy scooping.Ideal for numerous feline householdsMaximum smell control.Low tracking, silica dust free.And your felines will, too!Preferred soft texture and feel.Preferred particle size and shape.Cat pleasing natural scent.Long-lasting freshness.Safe for cats and kittens.Silica dust complimentary.7 lb. bag lasts a long time! 1 cat household = 30 + days2 feline home = 15+ days3 cat household = 10+ daysbased typically size felines, results may differ.


  • Made from Sustainable, Whole-Kernel Corn
  • Added all-natural plant material for boosted odor control
  • Concentrated Power for a Cleaner Litter Box
  • Ideal for homes with 2 or more cats
  • Ideal for mechanical and automatic litter boxes
World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Clumping Formula

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