YZONG Upgraded Convenient 4 Dog Steps for High Bed, All Foam Pet Stair Animal Ramp Ladder for Small Medium Cats Dogs


This soft, portable family pet stair feline and pet dog portable pedal ramp appropriates for small pet dogs or older pet dogs and cats with arthritis, joint pain, overweight or hip dysplasia.Keep your family pets independent, giving them simple access to couches, ledges and hard-to-reach spaces that are tough to climb.Suitable for little varieties of people with problem or timidity to go into the sofa and chair.More significantly, it has a machine washable soft sheep texture covering.Stop forcing your pets to miss the fun, let them visit all the locations they like, snuggle with this pet stair and sleep. Features PRODUCT: The inner core of the stair is a high-density sponge. It has high pressure resistance and flexibility. It has good support.
It is softer than the action of the wooden board. It is difficult to run into the pet dog child and feline baby, which enhances the cost performance, convenience and non-stick of the product. hair.FEATURES: The bottom is made from non-slip plastic dot matrix, water resistant and breathable, preventing the pet ladder from slipping easily.USES: This item is used for dogs/cats. It can be positioned next to the couch, bed, etc., so that pets with smaller body can climb and down to avoid falling and falling.ABOUT CLEANSING: The back of the ladder is equipped with a large

  • zipper, which is simple to eliminate and clean. It can be softly device cleaned, which is easier and convenient.ABOUT THE COMPRESSED PLAN: When the items are provided, the inner core of the stair is compressed and crammed in a plastic bag. The external cover is put individually. After getting the infant, the plastic bag is opened, waiting on it to slowly rebound. After 24-48 hours, the initial is brought back.

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